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8 Tips for Revamping a Small Kitchen

If you're ready to finally tackle that tiny kitchen and make it cute, read on for some great tips about making the most of your small kitchen.

Tip #1: Go for cupboards with an open style.

Small kitchens can feel cramped if there are a lot of cupboards squished together; since you can't remove them altogether try open cupboards. They are a great solution because they make the space feel more open and less boxed in. You can also use fun glasses and china as well as fancy jars and creative decorations.

Tip #2: Consider a kitchen island

If your tiny kitchen, like most, doesn't offer much counter top space for you to work comfortably, a kitchen island could give you the work space that you need. Keep in mind, this could be a big installation job and it works best if your kitchen's layout is minimalistic.

For best results in a small space, try a white island (we like marble) and keep the bottom nice and open so the island doesn't overwhelm the space.

Tip #3: Use different textures and materials for an intriguing design


Make up for your less than ample space by getting creative with a mix of colors, textures and fabrics or other materials. The best way to really get creative and make the space beautiful is to incorporate an intentional design element into every cupboard door, the ceiling, flooring, windows, lighting and various fixtures. You want to have it all work together to create a certain feeling in the room and keep the look unified by style or by coordinating color.

Tip #4: Use moveable seating options

Great seating is a must even if you live alone as you'll want guests to be comfortable in the kitchen. Benches and large chairs might be too big for your space, so the key is to have multi use, moveable furniture such as living room chairs or benches that can be moved to the kitchen when you have guests. If you want permanent island stools, pick tiny ones that are still adult sized. If you pick transparent seats, they have the added bonus of making your room look more spacious.

Tip#5: Effervescent details; go for glass.

Glass is a preferred tiny kitchen element because it creates the illusion of bigger space. Some ideas for glass surfaces include counters, the kitchen door and cabinet doors. If possible, or save this for another project, you may be able to install a window looking into the adjoining room. This can light up your space, particularly if you plan and install your lighting strategically.

Tip #6: Add a pop of color

Smaller kitchens seem to expand when you add one bright, colorful detail that draws the eyes and fools the brain into thinking that the area around your 'centerpiece' is larger than it really is.

Although this pop of color will act as your centerpiece, it does not have to literally be in the middle of the room. For instance, you can design a neutral white and gray kitchen and then add a bright, orange cabinet to draw the eye. A couple of tiny, matching accents will tie everything together.

Tip #7: It's all about the lighting

Your choices for kitchen lighting are quite expansive. You can choose an original fixture that will entirely transform your space. A good tip is to ask your contractors for their suggestions during your remodel; they can help advise you about the most efficient option for your kitchen. Incandescent lighting beneath hanging cabinets adds a cozy warmth that helps to counteract fluorescent and LED lights which cast bluish, cold undertones. On the other hand, hanging light bulbs placed over your dining area will create a nice, visual 'lift' that makes the ceiling appear higher.

Tip #8. High quality flooring is key

Gorgeous and practical flooring goes a long way in a little kitchen. We encourage an eye-catching checkered pattern that makes your space look bigger. A bonus of working with a small space is that flooring shouldn't be too expensive to cover your tiny area.

Time to get the little kitchen of your dreams!

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